Rabbit Baby Booties Free Crochet Pattern

Don’t let your babies’ feet get cold? start knitting a booties for them immediately. And with the rabbit figure. Good luck with.

Pattern: @yldz_orgu_sepetim


1 piece YarnEND Classic Baby Blue rope

1pc Snowball Eggs White color rope

3.5 mm crochet hook

5 mm crochet

Red and black rope for eye and nose manipulation



Base (2 pieces)

1) 23 chains are pulled. Make 6 double crochets in the 4th chain.

2) One double crochet is made to each chain and 6 double crochets are made into the last chain. On the other side of the chain, a double crochet is attached to each slot and joined by the loop shift method.

3) We have made 18 double crochets in the middle of six and six in the middle of 20 chains. Now we’re going to the top row by pulling 3 chains. We make two double crochets in each of the 6 handrails in the corners, 12 in the corners and 18 double crochets in the middle, making 1 double crochet in each loop.

4) We go up by pulling 3 chains and we raise again on the 12 handrails in the corner. Meanwhile, we’re sinking a single, a double on the 12 handrails in the corner. The 18 railings in the middle are still fixed and we have one railing.

5) Our auction operations are over. To expand the base of the boot a little, we make one half double crochet on each loop for 1 row.

Booties are ready.


We continue from the base.

1) We go up to the top with 3 chains and take the loop around the waist, not the top of the railings.2) We complete the queue by making one double crochet on each waist.

3) 1 double crochet is made to each stitch without increasing or decreasing 1 row. We make half double crochet in front of the paw.

4) We double the boot as shown in the picture below. We’re marking 12 double crochets in the middle on both sides.

5) We make double crochet until we get to the place we marked. When it comes to the point we mark, we are knitting 2 handrails at one time by wrapping each handrail around the waist. We’re reducing 24 railings to 12 railings.

6) We do double crochet until we get to where we started to decrease. Before and after the decrease we have made, we have two decreases by taking one at a time. We come back to where we’re starting to drop with a needle.

7) In the meantime, we take 4 handrails one at a time and 4 handrails one at a time. In the continuation of the queue, when our number of double crochets is about 10 railings, we pull 20 chains and make a double crochet and sink to where we started the chain. We finish the double crochet.

Rabbit Figures (2 pieces)

We start with velvet rope. Knit with 5 mm crochet.

1) 6sc into magic ring.

2) 6 inches (12)

3) 1 sc, 1 v (18)

4) Make 3 sc for the ear, 7 ch. We skip 1 ch and make one sc on each chain and sink where we started to pull the chain.

5) Make 5 sc and repeat the same process in the other ear 7 ch. All of the remaining loops are made one sc and we cut the rope.

6) We process your eyes and nose. We sew rabbit figures in our shoes.

Note both button positions and the direction of the boot handles.

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