Baby Rompers and Lambs Beret Free Crochet Pattern

We brought you a great newborn team.
If you wish, you can complete this soft and soft baby suit with a cute lamb.
Let’s start now!



2 pcs Etrofil Clover Light Green (70411) color velvet hand knitting floss

1pcs La Mia Cottony White (P1) color hand knitting rope 3 and 5 mm crochet



Sh: Magic ring

x: Frequent needle

v: Increase



Water green color is knitted with rope and 5 mm crochet.

Legs and Body

Along the overalls, double handrails are made by submerging (Blo technique) to the back of the loops.

1. 24 chains are pulled. On the chain, each chain is made of 1 double railing.

2-4. A total of 24 handrails, one for each loop, are made.

5. The first 8 stitches are made of 1 double railing, the ninth stitch is made of 2 double railing. This is done 3 times in total. At the end of the row 27 railings are obtained.

6-7. A total of 27 handrails, one for each loop, are made.

Leg one over. In the same way, the second leg is knitted and the two legs are joined by loop-shifting.

8. After the legs are joined, a total of 54 handrails are knitted in 1 loop per 10 rows.

9. At the front side, 5 railings are left at the sides and 20 railings are laid round and round along 4 rows.

10. The hangers will be knitted with 4 handrails. Knot the rope to the edge of the front section (then leave 10 cm of rope to lose). The strap is knitted for 10 rows and joined to the ridge.

We’re over!


Water green color is knitted with rope and 5 mm crochet.

1. 6 chains are drawn and 5 frequent needles are injected onto the chain.

2. Knit crocheted rubber knit to a size of 33-36 cm. There are about 25 rows ..

3. When the rubber part is finished, the two ends are joined.

The body part of the beret is knitted separately.

1.10 sc into magic ring

2. 10inc = 20sc

3. (1sc, 1inc) * 10 = 30sc

4. (2sc, 1inc) * 10 = 40sc

5. (3sc, 1inc) * 10 = 50sc

6-15. 50sc

The body and rubber part are sewn together.

Ears (2 pieces)

Knitted with white color rope and 3 mm crochet.

1. 6sc into magic ring

2. (1sc, 1inc) * 3 = 9sc

3. (2sc, 1inc) * 3 = 12sc

4. (3sc, 1inc) * 3 = 15sc

5. (4sc, 1inc) * 3 = 18sc

6. (5sc, 1inc) * 3 = 21sc

7. (6sc, 1inc) * 3 = 24sc

8-9. 24sc

10. (5sc, 1dec) * 3 = 18sc

11. (4sc, 1dec) * 3 = 15sc

12. (3sc, 1dec) * 3 = 12sc

The ears are sewn on the trunk of the beret and our newborn jumpsuit-beret team is ready!

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