Booties Free Crochet Pattern


38/39 (40/41) 42/43


100 g of sectional dyeing yarn in pastel colors (80% wool, 20% polyamide; 420 m / 100 g); hook number 2.5.



Knit in half rows with circular rows, with each circular row starting with 1 additional air loop and ending with 1 connecting column in the 1st half column.

After the 2nd circular row, turn the work in front of each circular row so that the beginning of the circular rows does not shift.

Wicker Pattern

The number of loops is a multiple of 4.

Knit according to the pattern. Repeat the rapport and perform the transition between the circular rows, as indicated before rapport.

Perform the 1-3rd circular rows 1 time, then the 2nd and 3rd circular rows constantly repeat.

For clarity, the last circular row of the main pattern is shown under the diagram.


23 loops x 18 rows = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the main pattern.


A crochet knitting sock training course will help you do the job.


In the thread ring, tie 8 half-columns and for the toe, increase the number of loops according to the Training course to 44 (44) 48 p.

Then knit the main pattern.

After 18 (19) 20 cm from the initial row, add 4 loops in each circular row on both sides of both middle loops for the heel and the wedge of lifting the foot 6 (6) 7 times, as described in Training Course = 68 (68) 76 p.

Then, at 15 (15) 17 p., Perform a heel cup, for which knit 19 (19) 21 rows in the forward and reverse direction according to the Training course.

Next, knit with the main pattern, while in the first two circular rows, reduce 4 p., As described = 44 (44) 48 p.

After 2 circular rows from the beginning of the pagolenka, knit further with a wicker pattern.

After 11 (12) 13 cm from the beginning of the pagolenka, first knit 1 circular row with the main pattern for the upper bar, then 1 circular row alternately with 1 embossed crochet in front and 1 embossed crochet in back and finish the work.


For each sock, make a brush 6 cm long and sew it along the line of the middle of the front to the upper edge of the pagolenka.

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