Blue Rabbit Coat Free Crochet Pattern

Isn’t that a nice jacket? I’m sure the girls will like it very much. You can start knitting right away.

Coat by @zefirka_рvl

5 years old

Yarn A1ize Lanagold Classic – 8 skeins, hooks 96

We knit a sample from ordinary sc – I have 10 cm – 13 sc, this is 1.3 sc in 1 cm

Coquette width = OG (I have 55 cm) + 8 cm (for buttons) + 13 cm for freedom of obkiganiya = 76 cm

76 cm * 1.3 = 98.8 sc (round to 100)

We collect a chain of 100 ch + 1 ch rise.

We knit 4 rows sc

Starting from the 5th row, we will knit a button hole, for this, at the beginning of the 5th row we knit 2 sc, make 2 ch, skip 2 sc of the previous row and knit sc to the end of the row.

Thus, we knit button holes every 9 rows

In total, we knit 15 rows to the armhole

Starting from row 1b we divide into shelves and backrest 100 sc – 10 sc (buttons) = 90

90/2 = 45

I round and take 44 sc for the back

100 – 44 = 56 per shelf 56/2 = 28 sc per shelf

We knit shelves also sc, we make decreases from the side

armholes in the 1st and second row

In 1 row 2 decreases

2 row 1 decrease

In total we knit 23 rows

Do not forget to knit button holes

We knit the back in the same way, making decreases from 2 sides

Sew shoulders on 9 sc – connecting loops

We knit a skirt: We fasten the thread from the inside, and we knit 1 row of sc

Starting from the 2nd row, we knit the folds, they can be done by adding to the same loops in each row, every 9 sc, in the first 10 rows

And you can make folds like mine, a video on knitting wrinkles and a coat can be watched on the Woo Tie Marshmallow Tales channel.

I have a skirt of B2 rows, this is with a coat length of 60 cm

Also do not forget to knit openings for buttons

Hood: We also knit in rows from sc

In the 1st row we make increments in every 5 sc

2 row without increments

In the next row in each b sc

4 row without increments

In the 5th row, increments in every 7 sc

In total we knit 42 rows

Sew the hood on the front side of the joint. Art.


The sleeve width of 20 cm is 32 sc

We collect a chain of 32 ch, connect in a ring

We knit 25 rotary rows of 32 sc

We make an increase in every 8 sc – 3b

20 rows of 36 sc

We make an increase in every 9 sc – 40

15 rows of 40 sc

We make decreases, we knit in rotary rows, without connecting the row:

1. SL-ST, 36 sc, SL-ST, do not ch raise at the beginning of each row, due to this it goes along

3 decreases in each

2. SL-ST, 30 sc, SL-ST

Z. SL-ST, 27 sc, SL-ST

4. SL-ST, 24 sc, SL-ST

5. SL-ST, 21 sc, SL-ST

6. SL-ST, 18 sc, SL-ST

7. SL-ST, 15 sc, SL-ST

8. SL-ST, 12 sc, SL-ST

9. SL-ST, 9 sc, SL-ST

10. SL-ST, 6 sc, SL-ST

11. SL-ST, 3 sc, SL-ST

Sew sleeves to the armhole connecting st

We decorate the coat at my discretion, I tied the ears of the bunny.

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