Baby Clothes Free Knitting Pattern

Knitting will protect our offspring on cold winter days. You can make the model of knitting dolls by following the simple illustrations and expression. You can use antibacterial baby wool compatible with rope baby skin that we will use for making knitted baby zibi or you can use cotton rope. Cotton rope does not itchy hair does not do is suitable for knitting baby infant. Baby cotton rope are also available in some brands. With these threads you can also knit baby athletes with different knitting patterns. The ropes used in the construction of knitted baby jumpsuit are the same.

How to make knitting

The scheme of the knitting fabric is as follows. Knitting as a whole. You can easily follow the schema. Quite easy. But he’s so stylish.

We start by throwing 30 stitches in the bottle. And we’re starting to knit a garter stitch. We’re knitting two rows.

In the 3rd row we make holes for the button on both sides. Then weave the same length as shown in the picture and make holes in the buttonhole at equal intervals.

In rows 35, 67 and 99, we drill a buttonhole hole for the buttonhole on both sides.

Now we’re starting to shape the jumpsuit. We knit by decreasing 4 times on both sides. 20 stitches left on the skewer. Weave 2 rows without reduction. Then, as shown in the picture, we’re raising again on both sides. Until 60 stitches.

We’re increasing 20 stitches on both sides.

We’re knitting the same number without increasing 76 rows. Sounds equivalent to about 18 cm. We knit 100 stitches as a garter stitch.

We collect 20 stitches from the edge to the fork needle.

We collect 60 stitches on a fork needle.

On the one hand, let’s subtract from the other 20 stitches until there are 8 stitches left.

Let’s weave the 20 stitches in the same way.

Let’s subtract the middle part on both sides until there are 40 stitches left. Our braid will look like the picture.

Sew your arms and buttons.

And we’re out of hand. It was wonderful

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